Beautiful Hungary

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Beautiful Hungary

3 990 Ft

Few people are aware that apart from Hortobágy, Lake Balaton, the famous wine districts and its excellent cuisine Hungary also takes pride in several lovely counties and cultural sights. This album guides the reader through the monuments and places of interests of the country with the help of breathtaking photos. You can get acquainted with the uniquely located capital, Budapest, or wander around some of the amazing historical towns of Hungary. You can roam the World Heritage sights, the bending rivers – the “Blue” Danube and the “Blond” Tisza – the castles, the palaces and, of course, you cannot miss the opportunity to read about Lake Balaton and Hortobágy. This book offers you a number of intimate photos and informative descriptions – let’s discover beautiful Hungary together!


  • 250 x 285 mm
  • 144 oldal
  • színes fotókkal
  • ISBN 978-963-09-7056-3

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