Gundel Cookbook

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Gundel Cookbook

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Classic Recipes and Modern Day Dishes

The history of the Gundel dynasty is closely intertwined with the history of Hungarian gastronomy and Hungarian hospitality. Contemporaries of the founder included outstanding caterers, such as Sacher, Ritz, Escoffier, who also left their mark. Károly Gundel refined Hungarian cuisine and combined it with influences from an ever expanding world.

The Gundel House survived the ravages of history: two world wars, various economic crises and the painful years of nationalisation.

The restaurant is proud to carry on the best traditions of Károly Gundel who once said: ‘I do not really see myself as a restaurateur selling food and drinks for money, but rather as a real Hungarian style host looking after the guests who honoured his home.’

This cookbook contains not only the traditional Gundel dishes, but the innovations of the new era as well. Altogether 70 recipes are compiled to show what the restaurant is and has always been about: the Gundel is not about luxury, it is about quality.


  • 150 x 225 mm
  • 192 oldal
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  • ISBN 978-963-097-647-3

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