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Kossuth Publishing Group is one of the leading players on book and audiobook market of Hungary. Based in Budapest, with its legal predecessor founded in 1944, the company has been a key figure of Hungarian publishing industry for the last 70 years, and ever since has maintained its presence and renowned status on the non-fiction market.

We are proud to announce that our Publishing House won the HUNGARIAN PUBLISHER OF THE YEAR 2012 and 2014 beside several prestigious awards and diplomas in previous years.

The company operates three own bookstores in Budapest and a book club.

Annually we publish about 250 titles, two-third of them being in-house developments, the rest being licensed for translation. With reprints, gross product value totals in about 3,5 billion Forints (13 million Euros). Besides its own bookshops and an online store, the company is partnered with all major book distributors in Hungary.