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The company follows a policy of being open to all kinds of innovations and providing the reader with high quality and, at the same time, very enjoyable, general knowledge material in both the traditional and the modern media at all times. The major lines in our portfolio include illustrated albums, popular science, social sciences, philosophy, Hungarian and world history, arts and cultural heritage, encyclopedias, family reference books, cookery, gardening, health, children's books as well as small-size dictionaries, various partwork series and audiobooks. In 2003 Kossuth Publishing launched a reprint series in co-operation with the Hungarian National Library entitled Amor Librorum.
Kossuth has a major online downloading centre with valuable music, e-book and video content.
Kossuth Publishing Group is well-known for its in-house projects as well as for co-editions. Our publishing house established long-term cooperation with many renowned publishers all around the world.