Classical and Romantic Instrument Marvels
Robert Mandel

Classical and Romantic Instrument Marvels

„It would be impossible to fully map the instrumentarium of the classical and romantic eras, so in my book I do not attempt to provide a comprehensive encyclopedia of instruments from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Rather, I have endeavored to introduce some of the marvelous musical instruments from the period that have since disappeared into the mists of obscurity. Organized along organological lines, this volume is richly illustrated with drawings from patent applications, period photographs, and modern studio images that showcase these rare instruments. I have selected those that I deem particularly noteworthy, either for the aesthetics of their appearance or for the eccentricity of their mechanisms. Lovers of classical music will find the introduction of such inventions, many of which today are scarcely known even to experts, exciting and it is rewarding to recall these undeservedly forgotten relatives of the well-known symphonic instruments. Many of the inventors worked on their instruments over the course of decades, but they now sit neglected in major collections around the world. Uncovering these rarities and retelling their colorful histories thus help us to honor and save the life’s work of their inventors for the benefit of future generations of music lovers.”
Robert Mandel

The book is also available in hungarian.


  • 230 x 300 mm
  • 176 oldal
  • színes illusztrációkkal, fotókkal
  • ISBN 978-963-09-6594-1

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