Borítókép: Calliotheca - angol nyelvű változat
Kossuth Kiadó 2017
  • 220 x 280 mm
  • 472 oldal
  • ISBN 9789637451300

Calliotheca - angol nyelvű változat

Gems from the Library of the hungarian Academy of Sciences

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Calliotheca – a selection of exquisite beauties and spectacular treasures collected by the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences during its 190-odd years. The Neo-Renaissance palace of the Academy on the left bank of the Danube is not only home to the sciences, arts, and letters. It is also a sanctuary for the tangible cultural heritage of humankind in general and the Hungarian people in particular. Th e history of the collection goes back to the beginnings of the Academy. In March 1826, inspired by the example of “the Greatest Hungarian”, Count István Széchenyi, who offered one year’s income of his estate for the purposes of a Learned Society in November 1825, Count József Teleki made an equally generous contribution on behalf of his family by donating a collection of some 30,000 books to the Academy and, with it, to the public. The Library has been constantly enriched by private and public donations and by purchases ever since. Today it holds the bequests, autographs, correspondence, and libraries of eminent scholars, scientists, authors, and artists of the last two centuries. This album of outstanding photographs offers a selection of lavishly illuminated codices, elegantly printed and illustrated incunables and rare books, unique autographs, extraordinary manuscripts from East and West, as well as stunning works of art and remarkable archival documents, all carefully preserved and safeguarded but rarely put on public display.

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