Borítókép: Beautiful Balaton
Kossuth Kiadó 2013
  • 255 x 285 mm
  • 112 oldal
  • színes fotókkal
  • ISBN 9789630975704

Beautiful Balaton

Eredeti ár: 3 990 Ft
Online ár: 3 192 Ft

The largest freshwater lake in Central Europe, Lake Balaton is visited every year by thousands of local and foreign tourists to enjoy a relaxing holiday. The silky waters, the grassy and sandy beaches, the various landscapes, the unique natural formations, the architectural gems of the past centuries, the cultural and gastro-festivals attract many enthusiasts. Our book introduces “the Hungarian Sea” with beautiful, colourful photographs of the most important places of interest – listed buildings, palaces, cottages, churches, unique events and the cellars famous for their lovely wines. Reading this book you can join us on a fantastic journey from the southern shore of the lake to the northern resorts and the Upper Balaton region and learn about all the unforgettable experiences which Lake Balaton offers to visitors.

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