Rosenstein -  The cookbook

Rosenstein - The cookbook

All the good things are kosher

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”This cookbook therefore contains the recipes of 3 generations. I feel the most comfortable practicing the traditional ways of hospitality, by serving my favorite traditional flavors and recipes. However I know that improving is necessary every now and then, as a new generation has grown into curious and demanding guests. My son, Robi is in charge of modernization and fresh trends, but we both take great care of the taste of our meals – wherever the idea comes from, every meal has to end up „Rosenstein style”. Besides the favorite meals of us two, we give insight to our private lives, and introduce a bunch of recipes we often make these days at home with the girls. Because like me as a child, they also keep messing around the kitchen asking me „Papa, what are we cooking today?”.

We hope to provide you as much joy with these recipes as we had when collecting them for this book. Keep it at a secure place on the kitchen shelf, and turn it over whenever you have the chance! Though should you wish to experience the Rosenstein’s hospitality on your own skin, don’t hesitate to visit us in Mosonyi street, Budapest.

Tibor Rosenstein


  • 165 x 225 mm
  • 200 oldal
  • színes fotókkal
  • ISBN 978-963-098-153-8

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