The Balaton Uplands
Zóka Gyula, Matyovszky Márta

The Balaton Uplands

Hungarian Heritage

3 400 Ft
2 890 Ft

Balaton Uplands is the witness and scene of passing geologic ages and homeland to several peoples that had settled here for longer or shorter periods of Hungarian history. It is also the treasure trove of – now mostly ruined – churches and cloisters built due to the support given to the Christian Church by King Stephen I and his successors. They remind us of the heroic though dark periods of our history: the Mongol invasion, the Ottoman menace and subjection of Hungary, defeated freedom fights, and the Habsburg rule.

Our volume highlights remarkable territories within this region, from Keszthely Mountains through Tapolca and Káli Basins, Tihany Peninsula to Balatonkenese.

We encourage everyone to explore the region for themselves – visit the Balaton Uplands, have a look at its beauties, take your own pictures! Learn new things about its geology and biology, further your historic knowledge. Then get a bottle of fine wine from the volcanic terrain, and ponder on your memories alone or in a company.


  • 230 x 220 mm
  • 80 oldal
  • ISBN 978-963-099-265-7

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