Borítókép: The Őrség
Kossuth Kiadó 2019
  • 230 x 220 mm
  • 80 oldal
  • ISBN 9789630996211

Zóka Gyula The Őrség

Hungarian Heritage

Eredeti ár: 3 600 Ft
Online ár: 2 880 Ft

The hilly Őrség region in the southern part of Vas county belonged to the indago system protecting the western frontiers of the Hungarian tribal lands around the time of the so called Landtaking. Its special form of settlement called ‘szer’ – consisting of several haphazardly built homes and groups of farm buildings situated up to a few kilometers away from each other – complied with the historic role of this territory as well as its geographical features.

The present occupants preserved this settlement type, but the individual family houses were reorganized to suit the needs of modern people. This, together with the charming countryside, makes the Őrség a popular touristic and recreational destination. Each year a growing number of visitors arrive to enjoy the special architecture, folklore and cultural history of this region turned into a national park in 2002.

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