The finest illustrated maps of Hungary 1528-1895
Katalin Plihál

The finest illustrated maps of Hungary 1528-1895

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Maps are true reflections of history. They offer snapshots of conditions in the region they deal with at a given moment. The present volume invites the readers for a journey in time by means of early and more recent maps preserved in the National Széchényi Library. The journey begins with the Tabula Hungariae published in 1528, the most beautifully executed map of a country in the first half of the 16th century, and the richest in geographical content that became a UNESCO-protected cultural treasure in 2007. Then come maps from the period of the Turkish occupation, maps of castles and sieges, and finally ones made after the expulsion of the Turks. We take excursions also in 18th-century Transylvania, and in Southeastern Europe, as well. Some maps in the volume present contemporary Hungarian costumes, inform us about the distribution of the nationalities, or give an overview of Franciscan monasteries in the country. They offer a peculiar insight into political and military events considered important at the time of their making, which makes the book an unparallelled selection in its kind. These maps are geographic masterpieces and enrapturing pieces of art at the same time. The volume is made special also by the fact that it not only offers valuable information about the birth of the maps, the lives of their creators, and the technical aspects of mapmaking but makes a close scrutiny possible on the enclosed DVD. Come with us, the journey is going to be delightful.

Also available in hungarian.


  • 240×320 mm
  • 200 pages
  • colour maps, DVD included
  • ISBN 978-963-096-047-2

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